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Have you looked inside you computer case lately?                                                          

Now you are probably wondering why anyone would look inside their computer case.  Because Dust, Cigarette Smoke, and Pet Hair can build up on the inside of your computer's internal components such as the motherboard, power supply, expansion cards, fans, vents, etc. Dust build up on air vents and fans diminishes the vent's and fan's ability to cool the system effectively which can lead to the computer running at warmer temperatures. 


Why would this be a problem?

When your computer runs at warmer temperatures it can cause the computer to over heat which can  damage the internal components of your computer.  It can also make your computer's performance slow.  It can even make your computer start to make noises or a humming sound.    




Why should someone consider having their computer cleaned? 

Cleaning your computer and it's components and peripherals help to keep the computer working properly.